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Glenbrook South High School Girls Basketball Team

Glenbrook South High School Girls Basketball Team

Last week, this image came via email from Classmates.com. Once again, the photo brings back the memory, because I had totally forgotten that I actually was on the Girls BB Team in High School!

Once I started thinking about this blast from the past photo, I remembered that I was trying to be a smartass in this photo, because I was stooping down so I looked shorter than everyone in the back row!

And no, that is not me in the dark sunglasses (good idea though!) I was rockin’ the Axl Rose bandanna headband look, long before Axl started doing it.

I also remembered that my friend Eileen Pillman and I made some kind of big “play”, in the middle of a game, and after we scored the point, we both walked off the court and quit the team! I guess we thought we were too cool to keep playing on the team, but remembering that now, makes me think about what assholes we must have been.

I never would have remembered half the names that are listed here but seeing the names and the faces together, brings back memories of how those people talked and acted. I think that one of these girls also squealed on me to our Coach, and got me busted for smoking cigarettes!

Tsk. Tsk.

And then, I had to make up some huge lie to tell my Coach, about why she couldn’t tell my parents about it, because they would probably remove me from the school and then I wouldn’t be able to be part of her “Senior Leader” program anymore.

So, between the headband fashion, and quitting the BB team mid-game, and then getting caught smoking, and then lying about why the story couldn’t go further, I really was not the poster child example for younger girls to follow!

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