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Steven Tyler - © Mark Weiss 1985 - RockPaperPhoto.com

Just like my blog is named: Life. Music. Photography – All of the above words are often combined together and become a sum of their parts.

I love fashion, I love Photography and I love Music. Those words somehow work/come together when I write stories about my life in my blog posts. There are also thousands of talented photographers who have captured one special moment, in a Rock Legend’s life, through one unique photo. I love when I can look at another Photographer’s work and catch my breath at the images they captured.

So, how can I again draw a correlation between photography, music, and shopping?

Besides shopping for a lot of handbags, in my shopping travels I also find great items for guys as well. More often than not, those items are from leading menswear designer John Varvatos.

If you visit the John Varvatos website you will see different items for sale that range from pants to jackets to Converse Sneakers to Rock Photography.

Rock Photos for sale on the John Varvatos website?

Sure. Why not?

A lot of celebrities wear and/or endorse key designers. Why not show the love and give endorsements back?

If you’re not in the market for any clothing items by John Varvatos, then visit his Rock Photographs Collection that includes iconic, one-of-a-kind images, supplied by RockPaperPhoto.com.

Here is a sampling of the Rock Legend images that you can preview and purchase on the John Varvatos website or on RockPaperPhoto.

All Images are Copyright Protected by the individual Photographers

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