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Fall Fashion with a Punk Influence

Fall Fashion has once again caught my eye and I already have scans and stories I want to share.

Problem is, which one do I blog about first?

That then sets off a whole dialogue in my head of what I want to post first, and what should follow, etc., and then nothing gets posted at all.

I have the best intentions of making blog posts and have literally dozens of photos and stories, all ready to go in several files…that I can’t seem to find in my move from an IBM laptop to a MacBook Air, which is another blog post in and of itself.

While I am still trying to sort that out, this Fall Fashion page from Elle Magazine is full of Punk “influenced” pieces, two of which I already have detailed posts about.

Can you guess which two?

Of course it’s the Saint Laurent Studded Ranger Boots and the Chanel Boy Enchained Handbag!

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