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Enrique Iglesias: I Like It

Believe it or not, working from home can be a very stressful situation. If I ever find myself frustrated about something, rather than complain about it, I think to myself: “Why not just dance it off?!”

So, I’ve come up with what I call the Friday Afternoon Dance Off as a stress reliever. (This can, of course, also take place on any day of the week as well.)

Listening to music will usually lift your spirits so why not find a song, that just makes you dance to it? It doesn’t even have to be from an artist that you would normally listen to…All it needs to do is get your ass out of your chair and moving!

Crank the volume up to “11” – Let yourself go, and get into the music…sing along, jump around and I promise, you will feel better afterwards! It can change the whole perspective of your day.

Here is a perfect song that I used today for my Dance Off.

While I have never really listened to an Enrique Iglesias song before, “I Like It” that he finally got rid of that distracting mole, that was on his face! Cute Boy – GREAT song!

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