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DEVO Party – Los Angeles

Once I moved to LA, all sorts of photo jobs fell in my lap, that I actually got paid for!

I was hired to shoot this private party for DEVO in the strangest way…I was walking around a Mall, close to my house in Manhattan Beach and I noticed two guys approaching women and handing them flyers of some sort. As I walked by them they asked me: “Do you want to come to a party we’re having for DEVO?” I was very skeptical of what they were doing and told them that I wasn’t interested in being a “Guest” at their party, but I WAS a photographer, so perhaps they wanted to hire me to shoot the party? Turns out they did, so we negotiated my rate and I was booked right there and then.

Mark Mothersbaugh - Lead Singer for DEVO - Photo by Mj Wilson Photography

Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO and my friend Vicky

My “partner in crime”, Tony Griffin, came along as my “assistant” and pretended to be a photographer for the night. (Tony was just in awe of anyone famous so he was an easy one to convince to come with me!)

Not much happened at this party…there were a lot of people there but I think the only two guys from DEVO who showed up were Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale.

I actually found two newspaper clippings of the party and one reminded me that we did end up back at the “promoters” house, on the Strand in Manhattan Beach, for an “after” party.

I stopped by their house, to collect my money and turn over my film. I don’t remember Security being there at all and not much else was happening to shoot photos of, by that time. I think the guys were just trying to impress Mark and Jerry with their beachfront property.

I do remember that I thought the guy in the second photo below was really cute, and I always saw him at the Rainbow in Hollywood, so I got as close to him as I could, so Tony could take a photo of me with him! What dorks we were!


Read the DEVO News Article #1 in PDF Format

Read the DEVO News Article #2 in PDF Format

NOTE: Funny how I seem to be in all the photos, when I was supposed to be actually shooting!

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