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Desperately Shopping for Something

Desperately Shopping for Something

Watch out people – I’m on the move again!

After being laid up for over a month with a back injury and major sciatica pain, I made the trip down to Miami today, to be in line at 8:00 am sharp, for the Neiman Marcus Last Call sale.

Last time I was here, I could barely walk and was doubled over with pain…the Prada outlet store was barely reachable.

I am back on my feet now and managed to find the twin sister to my Prada bag that I bought in New York, back in May. I say that if you find a great bag, you might as well have one in each color!

I was so excited to be shopping again, that when I pulled in to park at the first store, I actually left the keys in the ignition and left the car running, as I made a mad dash for the store! Kevin practically fell on the ground laughing at me! He said he wished that he had caught that on video!

I’m back and ready to shop!

Plus, I need to be in shape for my next shopping excursion to New York City, which is less than 14 days away…

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