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Chanel Vintage Red Leather Tote

Found this Vintage Chanel Red Leather Tote on a visit to Miami about two years ago. I had just started watching The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo and she was very into vintage Chanel bags. The quest was on then, for me to find a vintage Chanel Handbag for myself.

I had never shopped Consignment stores in the past, but as luck would have it, the first store I walked into, I found not one, but three Vintage Chanel bags! I found a cute Red Flap Bag, this bag, and the Maroon version of this same Tote. Needless to say, I bought all three! I sold the other two bags pretty quickly and decided to keep this one for myself.

Kevin thinks this bag is ugly and I should just sell it, but I keep it only for the fact that it is a Vintage Chanel and those are very hard to find (much less in such a gorgeous red color.) Plus, this bag actually holds my laptop, so I argue that it’s a good business expense!

Nicole Ritchie carrying Vintage Chanel Tote BagThis bag became really popular about a year ago as a lot of celebrities were seen carrying it. Whenever a celebrity carries a Chanel, everyone goes crazy trying to find the same bag.

Here is a photo I found of Nicole Ritchie carrying the black version of this bag.

I think that makes this bag even more of a “keeper!”

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