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Lin Sister Herb Shop

Lin Sister Herb Shop

A friend of Sandra's told her that we had to check out the Lin Sister Herb Shop, while we were in New York, and I'm happy we had the chance to visit the store.

Sandra and Kevin in Chinatown

Our adventures in Chinatown

After spending all day Friday, chasing down Bead stores, Sandra had our mission for Saturday…taking on Chinatown! We headed down to Chinatown with the express purpose of visiting the...

The Meatball Shop

I LOVE Meatballs. I had no idea that I loved meatballs so much... I am craving meatballs right now!

NYC Vacation Crew – 2016

We've made it to New York City, every year, for the past six years, except for 2015. It was way past time to visit again so we grabbed some great flight and hotel deals and headed up at the...

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental New York

Our trip to New York this year sucked pretty bad. Kevin ended up having to stay in bed for two full days, because he was so sick. There were no sales going on to speak of, and I had to get...

Sunrise in Manhattan

The last time I saw sunrise in New York City, was in 1981, when I was leaving a late night club with an ex-boyfriend. Today I got to experience it once again (the sunrise of course), as I...

Studs from Trash and Vaudeville in New York City

Last Day in New York

Our last day in New York and the warmest day so far. T-shirt weather in November…who would have thought?! We hadn’t made it down to the Village yet, so that’s where we...

Bill Burr at the New York Comedy Festival - Photo by Warren Kneissl

Bill Burr at Carnegie Hall

We were so looking forward to Comedian Bill Burr’s show at Carnegie Hall that we based our whole trip to New York around it! Bill’s Show at Carnegie Hall was supposed to start...