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Shopping for Handbags in New York City with Mj Wilson

Helping the Economy in New York City

I flew to New York. I shopped. I shipped 50 pounds of handbags back home! Yes, 50 pounds, plus the eight Luxury bags I had to buy a separate roll on case for! Each trip to New York City...

Steven Tyler - © Mark Weiss 1985 - RockPaperPhoto.com

Fashion. Photos. Rock ‘n Roll

Just like my blog is named: Life. Music. Photography – All of the above words are often combined together and become a sum of their parts. I love fashion, I love Photography and I...

Great New Baby Gifts

Saw this T-shirt while on a Shopping Expedition in Palm Beach Gardens. What a perfect gift for the parents of new babies!

Oh No I Didn’t!

What can I say? I was pretty much delirious after spending about 3-4 hours, trying on dozens of different pairs of jeans. I thought I was done shopping…I was only trying to find a...

Christian Dior Biker Motorcycle Boot

Another week, another Black Leather Boot lustfest. Saw these Christian Dior Biker Motorcycle Boots for sale on the Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman websites, but couldn’t pull the...