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Hiking in Mt. Rainier and Packwood, WA

Way back when, we used to take vacations every year in the Fall, and go visit my brother and his family in Seattle, WA. We also took the time to hike Mt. Rainier, which is one of the most...

Feliz Navidad Holiday Cards

Ah…the Holidays…What a perfect time to showcase the last big photo shoot for our “out-of-the-box” Holiday Photo Cards. It’s sad really, that there aren’t...

Yo Momma!

Letter Nonsense from Todd

So, after I sent Todd the “Lost Youth” stationery (see previous post), I got this letter back from him, on that stationery… I just about died from laughter…

Lost Youth Card - Todd & Mj

Creative License Nonsense

Todd and I took a trip to Boston and New York, right before we graduated from College. Of course we took crazy photos and later on, I had these cards made and sent them to him. His response...

Warning Note Nonsense from Todd

I don’t know if the photo below, had anything to do with the “threat” above, but it seemed similar enough to share the same blog post!