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Category - Todd & Mj Shenanigans

Feliz Navidad Holiday Cards

Ah…the Holidays…What a perfect time to showcase the last big photo shoot for our “out-of-the-box” Holiday Photo Cards. It’s sad really, that there aren’t...

Yo Momma!

Letter Nonsense from Todd

So, after I sent Todd the “Lost Youth” stationery (see previous post), I got this letter back from him, on that stationery… I just about died from laughter…

Lost Youth Card - Todd & Mj

Creative License Nonsense

Todd and I took a trip to Boston and New York, right before we graduated from College. Of course we took crazy photos and later on, I had these cards made and sent them to him. His response...

Warning Note Nonsense from Todd

I don’t know if the photo below, had anything to do with the “threat” above, but it seemed similar enough to share the same blog post!