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Category - The Boston Years (Part 1)

I Survived the Great Boston Blizzard of 1978

When I was watching the news today, I heard about a super storm that was about to hit the Northeast, and they said it was going to be bigger than the Blizzard that hit Boston, back in 1978...

Bunker Hill with Cheryl, Kathy and Grant

Bunker Hill: The Boston Years (Part 1)

While reading through my diaries last week, I read that my friend/third brother, Grant Gardner, had come to visit me in Boston during the first year that I lived there. While I don’t...

The Combat Zone in Boston

I knew I had this photo somewhere! The sign does have an ominous warning…”You are Now Entering the Combat Zone – You have nothing to fear, but fear itself!

Boston University Photojournalism Class

Boston University Photojournalism Class

The first year I lived in Boston, I studied Dance at Boston Conservatory of Music. By Summer, I had decided I wanted to change my major to Photography, so I took an intensive six week...

How I Met Steven Tyler

How I Met Steven Tyler

There is a theory (and a movie) called Six Degrees of Separation, which means there are basically only "six" people who might separate you, from any other person on Earth. What I have found...