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Great things I’ve found on my shopping excursions

Shopping for Handbags in New York City with Mj Wilson

Helping the Economy in New York City

I flew to New York. I shopped. I shipped 50 pounds of handbags back home! Yes, 50 pounds, plus the eight Luxury bags I had to buy a separate roll on case for! Each trip to New York City...

Steven Tyler - © Mark Weiss 1985 - RockPaperPhoto.com

Fashion. Photos. Rock ‘n Roll

Just like my blog is named: Life. Music. Photography – All of the above words are often combined together and become a sum of their parts. I love fashion, I love Photography and I...

Great New Baby Gifts

Saw this T-shirt while on a Shopping Expedition in Palm Beach Gardens. What a perfect gift for the parents of new babies!

Oh No I Didn’t!

What can I say? I was pretty much delirious after spending about 3-4 hours, trying on dozens of different pairs of jeans. I thought I was done shopping…I was only trying to find a...

Celina Cuff by Hayden Harnett

Celina Signature Cuff

I don’t get the opportunity to shop online very often (since I am always working) but I had the chance to look around today and found this awesome bracelet from Hayden Harnett (a New...