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Bunker Hill: The Boston Years (Part 1)

Bunker Hill with Cheryl, Kathy and Grant

While reading through my diaries last week, I read that my friend/third brother, Grant Gardner, had come to visit me in Boston during the first year that I lived there.

While I don’t remember him visiting, he apparently did, because I just found a photo of him and my roommate Kathy and our upstairs neighbor, Cheryl, apparently while we were at Bunker Hill.

Bunker Hill was definitely a place that my Mother would have dragged us to, as a “must-see” destination, while she was in Boston.

I don’t think she was with us on this trip, so it scares me to think that I actually took someone to a lame tourist attraction like Bunker Hill, when they visited me in Boston! Sorry about that Grant!

Reading my diaries and finding photos from times/places I don’t remember much of is really hilarious to experience.

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