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Boston University Photojournalism Class

Boston University Photojournalism Class

The first year I lived in Boston, I studied Dance at Boston Conservatory of Music. By Summer, I had decided I wanted to change my major to Photography, so I took an intensive six week Summer Session at Boston University. The photo above was taken at the end of my Boston Years (Part 1). (Yes, that is me in the chair – don’t you love the outfit?!)

The B.U. Summer Session was run by Ken Kobre and Fred Bodin (pictured above.) We learned basic lighting techniques as well as how to shoot in a photojournalistic style.

I have always loved this photo since it shows what goes on “behind” the photo. You have lights and reflectors and meter readings and maybe more than one photographer! I have no idea who took this photo, but I thank them for taking it and giving me a copy.

I remember that I hung out with the girl on the far left of the frame, and I think her name was Vicky. I have some other photos of me and her, wandering around Boston, that I will post when I find them.

Boston University Photojournalism Class

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