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Birds of a Feather

One of the best things about meeting back up with old friends or boyfriends from the past, is it’s fun to try and help each other “fill in the blanks” since we all seem to have them.

Sometimes I remember situations with real clarity and then other times, when someone tells me a story that somehow involves me, I ask if they are perhaps mistaking me for someone else in the story, because I don’t remember one thing they are talking about.

I was talking with Mark Normand the other day and he made this profound statement, that answered a lot of questions I had. We were talking about people we knew in general and I told him about a time that I had made a hairdresser friend mad, because I told her that I didn’t think she was an “Artist.”

Mark asked me what I had meant by that statement and I told him that when I thought of an Artist, it was pretty cut and dried – that an “Artist” to me was someone who painted or drew.

I told him that I had never thought of myself as an Artist either. He asked me if I was crazy and then he told me: “Of course you are an Artist. That’s why you dated Musicians…you were drawn to other Artists like yourself. Birds of a Feather, Flock Together.”

I don’t know why that very simple thought or explanation never occurred to me as I have sat and pondered why I kept getting involved with Musicians all my life and why “normal” guys couldn’t hold my interest past five minutes.

What a simple answer. Thanks Mark, for your insightfulness!

Here’s a link to an interesting study that I found on this very subject:

Genes Influence Who Your Friends Are

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