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Bill Burr: Let It Go

I love Comedian Bill Burr and I am so mad that we couldn’t go to his show in Washington, DC this weekend, because Kevin had two weddings to shoot. Bill was recording material for a new DVD and it would have been great to be there for the show’s taping.

Since we couldn’t go to the show, I bought two of Bill’s Comedy DVD’s.

If you want to laugh, you will love Bill Burr.

If you are one of those people who think about conspiracy theories, you will love Bill Burr.

If you are a middle-aged guy with a lot of issues, you will love Bill Burr.

If the bullshit you go through in normal life makes you angry, you will love Bill Burr.

If you are too cheap to go see Bill Burr live, then you need to buy his Comedy DVD’s.

Bill Burr’s Live Let It Go DVD is laugh-your-ass-off material.

Instead of providing my own link to purchase this DVD, if you visit Bill Burr’s website, and click on his Podcast page, and scroll down to the bottom of the right hand column where it says you can buy his Let It Go DVD on Amazon.com – If you click on that link to purchase his DVD, (or anything else on Amazon.com,) Bill donates 10% of sales to the Wounded Warriors Project. Once on his Podcast page you can listen to his Monday Morning Podcasts (Bitch Sessions) as well.

If you don’t click the link to purchase the Let It Go DVD on Bill Burr’s website, then GFYS. You will have to become a Bill Burr fan to know what GFYS means!

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