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Are Men Really That Stupid?

If you are in public office and are planning on sending lewd photos of yourself over the Internet anytime soon, please hire a Pro Photographer to take some great, sexy shots of you, so when the photos are released to the press, you will at least look good in them and not look like some hack who shot a photo of his penis, with an iPhone.

I am incredulous over New York Congressman Anthony Wiener’s Sex Scandal – from how Weiner is handling it, to how the issue is being handled by the press. And since it does involve photographs, and I am a photographer, I feel I am qualified to write about this subject.

I have no interest in politics and am not even a registered voter. I don’t know “who” is a Democrat or who is a Republican. I don’t watch the daily news nor do I read a daily newspaper. I sometimes watch CNN or Fox, while on the treadmill at the gym.

The Weiner Sex Scandal caught my attention last week because finally there was something happening, on the political front, that could hold my interest for more than a few seconds.

I’ve watched the story unfold on Fox News and heard it discussed on Hannity. I keep hearing everyone postulate on the fact that if he was a Republican, he would have been ousted from his job already. Everyone is arguing the point of politics in this situation, as if being a Republican or Democrat would have changed the outcome at all.

Enough already about the politics! Anthony Weiner is a man! That is what his problem is.

Anthony Weiner is just doing what so many men do…troll the Internet looking for women who are willing to exchange lewd emails, video chats or “sexts” with them and then they just take it one step too far, because, well…because men are stupid!

There are many men who are obsessed with sex and with their own over-inflated sexual prowess. Those men are not thinking with their minds – they are thinking with their penis. They think of themselves as powerful and “God-like” and can’t imagine a woman not being interested in them. Anthony Weiner was obviously confused if he thought that “being a Congressman” equaled “being attractive”.

Let’s face it, Congressman Weiner is not an attractive man. He is not the type of man that any woman would give a second glance to. Yet, he seems to think that he is attractive enough, to be able to send lewd and/or naked photos of himself, to complete strangers, (young girls at that) and they are going to find him sexually irresistible? Come on! He was obviously the only person to think that way as everyone else is having a laugh at his expense now. Like a lot of men, he was too stupid and too proud to realize that he actually looked like crap in those photos.

I hate to break it to you guys, but I don’t know of many women, who want to find a picture of some stranger’s penis in their email inbox.

I’d like to share my thoughts on what I find ridiculous about this whole story and how I think a woman would have handled it better:

#1 – Sending lewd photos via Twitter

How a Man handles it

Anthony Wiener sent lewd photos via Twitter. What?!

Until this story broke, I had no idea you could even send a photo via Twitter! Twitter isn’t private….it’s a News feed. A preliminary web search, would have revealed to Weiner, that Twitter was not the safest way to send explicit photos.

How a Woman would handle it

A woman would have weighed out the pleasure of the act vs the chance of getting caught. If the pleasure aspect overruled caution, she would then only send photos that contained “parts” of her in them (i.e., not holding a sign that read “ME” with an arrow pointing at her face.)

#2 – Who are you sending photos, emails, & sexting with?

How a Man handles it

A man will send photos, emails and sexts to anyone who will accept them. This is why they get caught.

How a Woman would handle it

A woman would choose someone that stood to lose as much as she would, if found out. (i.e., if you are a politician or sports figure, perhaps go after another politician or sports figure, rather than a waitress, student, or adult film star?)

#3 – After you are caught doing inappropriate things

How a Man handles it

Men, for the most part, think that if they just say the words: “I’m Sorry,” that those are enough, to contain, control and diffuse the situation. They usually show no remorse nor do they look regretful when uttering those words. They most likely aren’t upset that they were caught in the situation, they are just upset that they were caught. They feel that if they have said the words, and apologized, that all should be forgiven and forgotten. And then, (because they are men), they usually keep lying, and continue doing the same things that got them in trouble in the first place.

How a Woman would handle it

A woman wouldn’t be stupid enough to be caught! (Not usually, anyway.)

Isn’t it funny how men all of a sudden grow a conscience after they have extracted the pleasure out of an illicit situation and/or after they have been caught?

When men are in pursuit of their intended prey, no such conscience ever surfaces. When the pursuit is on, it is all about the man and him getting what he needs out of the sexual situation (on the Internet or off.)

To bring this story back around to a photography viewpoint (since I am a photographer)…Right or wrong, people (both men and women) are going to do, what they are going to do. Some of them will get caught doing those things, some will never get caught. Some situations will cause personal and/or political scandal, others will not. Only the “guilty” party will ever know for sure, just how guilty they have been, in the situations they involved themselves in.

Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.

But if you are going to do it, then at least be sending out great photos of yourself, in those “compromising” positions.

Remember – We do offer photo shoots of all kinds – those that would include compromising positions usually do cost more!

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