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Alexander McQueen Metal Clutch with Crystals

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Handbag Whore. I love Handbags so much that I started a new business (Luxe Purses) a few years ago, where I buy and resell Luxury Handbags.

There have always been photographs that take my breath away and lately I have found several designer items that have the same effect on me. Seeing anything from Balmain or Alexander McQueen usually makes my heart skip a beat. That is exactly what happened when I saw this Metal Clutch from Alexander McQueen’s latest Collection.

After seeing this Clutch, I remembered the last time I saw both an image and a Clutch that took my breath away…

That image came from none other than my good friend, Jerry Ghionis, and it was a photograph he took, of his Bride-to-Be, on their Wedding Day, earlier this year. I just had to steal the image from his website to share, because it is the perfect mixture of a stunning piece of art, a beautiful bride and a simply gorgeous photograph.

Melissa Ghionis & her Alexander McQueen Clutch - Image by Jerry Ghionis

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