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Aerosmith Concert – Tampa 12/2012

Steven Tyler - Image by Mj Wilson Photography

God knows, I love my boys from Aerosmith. The concert tonight was great, but there were some odd things going on during the show…

First weird thing was I noticed that I was one of the youngest people in the floor seats! WTF?! Kevin said it looked like Aerosmith’s older relatives had all come to the show! We literally had one older woman, come up to our row, and start head-banging her head with the music. (Aerosmith is really not a “head-banging” type of band.) This lady even had strands of blue colored hair extensions, pinned into her hair. I did shoot some video of her, thrashing about, but it was too dark to really see what was happening

Steven Tyler - Image by Mj Wilson PhotographySecondly, all sorts of people were stealing seats. Our entire row ended up changing seat occupants at least three times, because people kept sitting there, who didn’t have tickets, including the guy who walked into the row, with us, telling me not to ask about seat numbers, because he was sitting with us! (I promptly told Security about it and got him kicked out.) If you watch my video and it looks like I have lost control of the camera, all it really means is that we had to move out of the way, once again, for someone needing to exit the row, for something.

Third weird thing was the set list. Of course I know Aerosmith’s music back from their first album but they were pulling out some random older songs that no one had a clue what they were. It was almost like a concert reminiscing about their old albums. I didn’t even know one song that they did, it was that old. Of course, I like the older stuff, but certain people come to hear the more mainstream songs they’ve done such as “Angel” or “Cryin‘” or “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing“, because those are the only songs they know. Of course, Aerosmith had to do “Dream On“, which is the one song I can’t stand by them.

Steven Tyler - Image by Mj Wilson PhotographyMaybe since I just saw Aerosmith in Atlanta, in July, it was too soon to see them again? I kept comparing the shows and the Atlanta one seemed much more energetic and the song list seemed so much better. At the Atlanta show, Steven was all over the catwalk, going back and forth to each side, and interacting with people. At the Tampa show, he pretty much stayed at the end of the catwalk.

Here are a few of the Concert shots I took with my phone and I already uploaded a video of Dude (Looks Like a Lady) to YouTube and have the link to it below this blog post. Since I shot the video with my phone again, it has bad audio, but Steven looked so good in the song following Dude, I just had to upload it anyway!

A few hours before the concert, I made Kevin go buy a little video camera that should hopefully have taken better video (with better audio) and stills. I haven’t had time to download that stuff yet though.

Aerosmith Global Warming Tour - Tampa, FL - December 11, 2012There was one classic moment tonight, that had nothing to do with the band. While the stage was getting turned around after Cheap Trick’s show, there were videographers shooting random crowd shots that were displayed live on the overhead screens. It was funny to see people stuffing food in their mouths, who had no idea they were being taped. Then people started noticing themselves and waving to the cameras or dancing for the cameras. Of course, there were the obligatory shots of the silicone enhanced ladies and then, in one “old school” moment, one normal looking girl, pulled her shirt up over her head and exposed her boobs! I’ve never actually seen that happen at a concert, although I’ve certainly heard about it happening. I think people were a little shocked at first, but most people laughed and she definitely got cheered by the crowd. The live video feed of the crowd shots stopped right after that which probably made the parents who had young children there, very happy!


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