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Adam Lambert & Andy Cohen

Adam Lambert & Andy Cohen (Bravo TV)

I haven’t had a “Random Hotness” post for awhile and when I saw this photo, it fit the bill.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted photos of Adam Lambert on my blog yet because he an absolutely beautiful (young) man, and I love his music as well.

I was most surprised to see Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen in this shot. If you watch Andy’s Watch What Happens Live show on Bravo, you know that he is usually dressed quite conservatively, in a suit and tie.

Andy is definitely showing some boy “badness” in this photo, and it looks good on him!

When I saw this photo of Adam Lambert with facial hair, I had to do a double take, because it reminded me of my friend, Jerry Ghionis. That is, if Jerry were to grow out and spike his hair, put in blonde streaks and wear a lot more black eyeliner, he could rock a very similar look!


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