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25th Wedding Anniversary

It is so weird to write those words. It sounds like something that my Grandparents or Parents would celebrate. But today, Kevin and I celebrate it as well.

Over the years, when friends have asked us how long we had been married, we never could remember the exact year, so we always answered: “More than 10 years, but less than 15” and then “more than 15 years but less than 20.” People always seemed so surprised to hear that we had been married for that long. Thinking of how many years we celebrate today, surprises me as well.

Kevin Shawn Wilson & Mj Wilson Wedding Photo

Kevin & Mj – Sanibel Island – September 3, 1988

I met Kevin over 27 years ago, and 25 years ago, on September 3rd, 1988, we were married on Sanibel Island, at sunset, with just a Notary Public and one witness in place.

Considering how many large Weddings we have photographed over the years, our Wedding was the smallest and most intimate we had ever been to. But, we didn’t need anything other than ourselves that day.

Happy Anniversary to my husband, my Lover, my Friend. We have been through a lot together over the past 25 years and I am looking forward to whatever new adventures come our way, during the next 25 years.

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