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2004 NISSAN Murano Odometer Turnover

This was so 56,000 miles and at least 2 years ago! I had to mark this momentous occasion with a video.

I never thought I would drive a car 200,000 miles, but I did that, and more! When I finally traded my Murano in, after 17 years (believe it or not), it had over 256,000 miles on it.

My Murano took me to 100’s of Weddings, and on Handbag Shopping Excursions to Miami, countless times. I rescued Dogs in that SUV, and found it could carry around $18,000 worth of Handbags, if piled from floor to ceiling. I never had any major problems with it, so it never crossed my mind to sell it.

I always thought I would get another Murano, when I was done with this one, but that isn’t what happened…more stories to come!

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